Cider Dust

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Salad Dressing

In making a salad dressing using Cider Dust or Fire Cider, we highly recommend using a mild oil such as sunflower, avocado or grapeseed oil. Using any type of olive oil may overpower the flavors of the Cider Dust or Fire Cider. Feel free to adjust amounts to your preference.


1 tbsp Fire Cider OR 1 tsp Cider Dust

1/2 cup oil

Salt to taste

Mix Fire Cider or Dust, oil and salt in a container. Drizzle over salad.

Cider Dust Popcorn

One of our favorite snacks to enjoy, Cider Dust popcorn, is addicting! Beware! Don't sprinkle it on dry, or you may find yourself inhaling the dust and coughing. LOL! Feel free to adjust amounts/ratios to your taste preference :)

Recipe for 1 large bowl of popcorn:

1-2 tsp Cider Dust

1/4-1/2 cup Butter/vegan butter

Salt to taste

In a microwaveable cup or small sauce pan, melt the butter with the Cider Dust. Mix together well then pour over popcorn, mixing popcorn as you pour. Add salt to taste. Enjoy!

Visit our reels to see a video of how we make it at home.

Fire Totty (tea)

This drink is a nice tea to sip on when you don't feel like shooting your Fire Cider shot. You can enjoy it cold or warm.


1-2 tbsp Fire Cider

8 oz cold or warm water (100-140 degrees)

1-2 tsp Local Raw Organic Honey

Visit our reels to see a video of how we make it at home.


We recommend starting with 1-2 tsp of Cider Dust for any pot of soup recipe or canned soup and adding more (or less) to your taste preference.

For single serving soups, start with a sprinkle and add more to taste. Don't forget to add the salt.

Cider Dust is great in chicken noodle soup, asian soups, veggie soups and even some curries.


We LOVE adding Cider Dust to our sandwiches...specifically avocado toast or an avocado sandwich!

When making your sandwich, whatever spread you put on the bread (mayo, mustard, cream cheese, etc), simply sprinkle the Cider Dust on your spread before adding other ingredients.

Dry Rub Chicken/Meat/Veggies

For this recipe, we like to use a zip lock back or large bowl to toss or shake food in.

For veggies, meats, fish or poultry, start with 1-2 tsp of Cider Dust + salt in bag/bowl, add food and shake/toss till food is lightly coated with seasoning. If needed, add more Cider Dust and shake till lightly coated.

Bake/grill/roast/air fry and enjoy!

See our IG reel on how we make dry rub chicken drumsticks.

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About Mehana's Shop

Mehana (Meh-ha-na or May-ha-na) in Hawaiian means warmth or warmth of the sun.

Mehana's Shop was born from my passion for health and wellness. I had the desire to build our family's immune systems, improve our overall health, and add to our repertoire of natural remedies. I wanted to create a remedy using high quality, all organic ingredients with no fillers, preservatives or additives. We created our own version of herbalist Rosemary Gladstar's healing Fire Cider, using a handful more ingredients. We hope you enjoy our version of Fire Cider as much as we do! Once we created our Fire Cider, we didn't want anything going to waste. So we created Cider Dust Seasoning, made from the ingredients used to make our Fire Cider. We offer all organic, homemade products to help improve and enhance your overall wellness.

Our Mission Statement:

We believe in the transformative potential of Fire Cider and the power of nature's bounty. We strive to create a product that harnesses the ancient wisdom of traditional herbal remedies. Our Fire Cider is hand crafted with all organic, whole food ingredients and aloha (love). Each ingredient is carefully selected for its powerful health benefits, offering you a potent and delicious way to support a healthy immune system, digestion, and overall vitality.

We love to educate and inspire individuals to embrace a holistic approach to wellness, fostering a connection to the power of natural remedies and empowering them to take charge of their health journey.

We promote transparency and education, encouraging individuals to explore the potential benefits of herbal remedies while advocating responsible use and always consulting with healthcare professionals when needed.

We love to do our part to reduce and reuse whenever possible. So when you receive your order, the packaging inside may not look super pretty, but it's helping keep trash out of the landfill and not creating more waste. We encourage you to find ways to reuse your packaging as well! :)

  • Cider Dust

    Ok I'm literally going to need a vat of the Cider Dust please! I have been putting it on everything. Just put a bunch of it in my chicken noodle soup. So delicious!

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  • Cider Dust

    When you said it was good on popcorn, I thought...."yeah sure, whatever." OMG delicious! Run, don't walk, to get some.

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  • Fire Cider

    I had the shortest, lightest cold recently and the only thing I did differently was taking Fire Cider daily. Then when I started to feel a cold coming, I took more throughout the day.

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  • Fire Cider

    I took Mehana's Fire Cider (with a little extra honey, as the bottle suggests) like cold medicine when a stomach bug was going around my house. I couldn't believe it, but my symptoms were lighter and I got over the bug quicker than normal. The only thing I can attribute it to was taking Fire Cider.

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  • Fire Cider

    I've had gut issues for a while and since I've been consistently taking your fire cider (daily), I've noticed a huge improvement in my gut health. So much so that I pay for it when I don't take it for a couple of days.

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  • Fire Cider

    I was having symptoms of some kind of stomach bug starting to come on, so I took some fire cider. Within a couple of hours my stomach had settled and I started feeling a bit better. I took a little more fire cider and the next day I felt better.

  • Cider Dust

    WOW! This Turmeric + Astragalus has a nice kick and back heat to it. The spice doesn't stay in your mouth long, which is nice. I love using it as a dry rub on chicken. It's soooo good!

  • Fire Cider

    I worked out for the first time in a while and had a lot of lactic acid buildup & I knew I was gonna be sore the next day. I took a shot of fire cider and within 30 minutes or less I could feel the lactic acid go away. I took another shot the next day and I wasn't hardly sore from my workout like I thought I would be! Now I take a little before and after my workouts and my recovery is way better!